Charles E. Sackermann, Jr.

Mr. Sackermann is a graduate of St. Thomas Aquinas College with a Bachelor of Science degree in finance and a concentration in communication. He has been actively involved in the telecommunications industry for many years with his expertise lying in site development and construction, site management, satellite teleport and cellular telephone communications.

Mr. Sackermann is currently president and stockholder of K2 Communications Management, L.L.C., Tele-A-Page Communications, Inc. and the Alpine Tower Company. In addition, he serves in a management capacity for American Communication Facilities, L.L.C., and Corporate Satellite Communications/Florida, Inc. These companies are involved in all facets of the telecommunications industry and are actively providing services to a broad array of users.

David Amundsen
Director of Engineering

David oversees the technical and operational aspects of the company. He has an extensive background in tower site management and maintenance along with the design, implementation and maintenance of microwave and satellite earth station systems. He determines project costs and manages customer construction projects.

He has certification in RF safety, OSHA safety plan implementation, ComTrain tower climbing, Bridgewave Gigabit Wireless products and Anritsu Site Master equipment.

David’s career began in the cable television industry where he managed a headend and microwave engineering office. In addition to proficiencies in video, RF and satellite systems his competencies include project management and the management and training of staff. David is a graduate of the New York Institute of Technology.

Brad Bliss
Site Supervisor

Brad brings many years of experience in tower site supervision and maintenance as well as telecommunications construction supervision including broadcast and wireless installations. Brad performs site surveys, assists with project cost determination and supervises customer construction and maintenance projects at major wireless facilities.

His training includes OSHA site safety instruction, certification from NARDA on RFE measurement, ComTrain tower climbing, and certification from Anritsu on the Site Master line sweeping equipment.

Jason Taormina
Project Engineer

Jason graduated from Stevens Institute of Technology in 2005 with a degree in Electrical Engineering and earned Masters in Telecommunications Management in 2014. Jason’s professional career started out the acquisition, construction and management of new communication sites in the rural areas. Later, he transitioned into satellite communications, spending some time managing an Earth Station before taking on a role assisting with the installation of marine satellite antennas.

Throughout his career, Jason has had maintained a secondary role implementing information systems and information policies. Jason was heavily involved with the merger when CSC bought Digital Video Systems, and was a key player in integrating the technical teams of the two companies. Beginning in 2015, Jason’s primary role shifted toward the development of major telecommunications infrastructure sites, including broadcast stations and weather radars.

Sal Schito
Key Account Manager

A graduate of Johnson and Wales University, he has been involved in the telecommunications industry for 15 plus years. Prior to joining K2 Communications, LLC he was working in Sales and Customer Service. He currently specializes in marketing new sites to carriers, providing detailed engineering particulars involved in installations, and acts as a liaison between site owners and wireless providers.

Bill Lissemore
Senior Engineering Advisor

Bill Lissemore has been in the greater telecommunication industry for more than 40 years. First working as technician, he gained knowledge in data communications and computer maintenance. As his career progressed, Bill held increasingly more responsible supervisory, managerial, and engineering positions in data communications, telephone switching, microwave, satellite, and spectrum management. He was a key team leader in the launch of the first CLEC and wireless services distribution start ups, managing the implementation and operational aspects of thousands of wireless sites and 9 telephone switching sites. Bill was later in the CATV industry, holding executive positions with nationwide responsibility.